How to Apply Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair

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4 thoughts on “How to Apply Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair”

  1. Thank you so so much for this video! Even with your camera dying I got the idea. I have been using henna for over 8 years and never had the confidence to do it myself. I did my own henna for the first time last night and it turned out great!! Thank you again!!!

  2. The video is EXCELLENT and you are FABULOUS on camera. More videos, please. Also, can we see how this turned out? I am curious what kind of highlights you got on your super dark hair.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! It was fun to do. This was not the first time I put henna on my hair, so there wasn’t much change from the color I had in the beginning. However, this was done indoors under an LED light kit, so it looks straight black. I can try to find/take a photo of me in the sunlight. It is subtle, but warm. I also have a few hidden silver hairs at the crown of my head that turned into copper sparkles.

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