Cold Cassia on a Hot Day

A fun way to cool down when you’re feeling a little toasty is to apply cold cassia on a hot day. It’s a nice refreshing feel on the scalp. It’s like that snack you can’t get enough of.

Hair Prep

As always you want to start with freshly cleaned and clarified hair. Applying Rainwash was easy. Taking ¼ inch sections, I got through and applied evenly. While I let the Rainwash sit on my hair for 40 minutes, I mixed my cassia up. I washed my hair the night before and braided it up, so I could apply in the morning.

The Mixing

Cold Cassia in a metal bowl.

I mixed 200 grams of Clarity Cassia with orange juice to sit overnight for about 10 hours at room temperature. Then to get that cool effect, I put my paste in the fridge for 2 hours. If you’re not sure what to dye release your Ancient Sunrise® cassia with, read this article: Dye Releasing Henna/Cassia with Items in your Home

Time to get started!

Dry hair before applying paste.

I was a little bit skeptical at first, wondering if the paste would be too cold.  So, I tested the water, like you do in the pool. I tapped a small amount of paste to my front hairline. I was AMAZED! It was like the icy feeling of chewing mint gum.

 I started applying the paste in the back of my head. Taking my ¼ inch sections, from the top, I worked my way down to the bottom.  After about an hour I had all of my hair covered and was feeling cooled off.

Hair with cold cassia paste.
Hair with cold cassia wrapped in plastic.
Now to enjoy some sun after wrapping my hair.
Hair with towel after washing hair.
After 3 hours of fun in the sun, lunch and nap time, it’s time to wash out the cassia.
Dry natural hair after cold cassia treatment.
The results are in.
Hair in twists after  cold cassia.
Final results on done hair.

My hair feels great! Styled and done, I can see the difference. My ends aren’t as crazy and twist very well. I would definitely apply cold cassia on a hot day again. Stay cool!

Damaris Licensed Cosmetologist • Ancient Sunrise® Specialist