Doing your Hair at Home with Ancient Sunrise®

Doing your hair at home can feel liberating, but it can also feel challenging at times. The problem is the items available for doing your own hair at home are low quality, bad for your hair and skin, and don’t work as well as salon products…but you can do your hair at home with Ancient Sunrise®.

Ancient Sunrise® is a brand of plant powders that are used to quite literally dye hair. Sure, the process is a little longer, but the results alone are worth it. The quality of the powders are better than any professional products I’ve used on clients. The color last longer, it’s more vibrant, and the hair gets conditioned instead of damaged. Ancient Sunrise® is available to both professionals and nonprofessionals because it’s that safe and that awesome.

Choosing a Mix

If you’ve never used Ancient Sunrise® before, don’t fret! Visit to find what plant powders you may need.

If you’re feeling lost, don’t worry. Our amazing customer service team can help you out. Our email is

  • Take a photo of your current color of your roots and a photo of the rest of your hair in natural lighting (avoid filters).
  • Next, find an image on a search engine or a photo you already have, take a screen shot or save the link.
  • Finally, send us an email with the images attached. Be sure to include “Help choosing a mix” or something of the like in the subject or body of the email.

We’ll not only be able to recommend a sample kit or test formula to try, but we can also let you know if the color you’re looking for might not be obtainable with our products.


Doing your hair at home with Ancient Sunrise® doesn’t have to complicated. We have a ton of information available at, as well as our AncientSunrise.Blog. We even have videos on YouTube and Vimeo!

If you’re struggling or just feel overwhelmed, just give our customer service a call (330-673-0600), email us (, or chat with us on We love helping people get the color they desire and we have no problem going over the steps you need to do your hair yourself.

Doing the Thing

When you’re ready to dive in and do your hair, just remember you got this! It generally takes a few times of doing your hair to get adjusted. Refer to this article about touching up roots in the back of your head for some tips and tricks to make it easier. The video below shows how to section your hair.

Treat Yourself

Treat yourself at home by turning doing your hair into a spa day. Throw on your most comfortable clothes, apply an amla mask, play your favorite music, read a book, or just take a nap. Selfcare is important, and there is no reason to deny yourself this necessity. Doing your hair at home with Ancient Sunrise® can be a calming experience.

It’s Safe

When you use Ancient Sunrise, you can cuddle with your pets, kids, partner or even your favorite blanket without worrying about dangerous chemicals getting everywhere. Ancient Sunrise® is free from additives, PPD, and other adulterants found in compound henna, and boxed dye. It smells earthy and stays contained in plastic wrap on your. If a little drip gets somewhere, simply just wipe it up.

Doing your hair at home can be convenient, safe, and you can easily turn it into a luxurious experience. While it’s not the same as going to a salon and having someone wash your hair and apply your paste for you, it’s a good way to save money and use safer products if your salon doesn’t offer Ancient Sunrise®.

Maria • Ancient Sunrise® Specialist • Licensed Cosmetologist

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