Using Rarity Henna on Gray Hair

Many have asked if using Ancient Sunrise® Rarity henna on gray hair works. Well, I’m here to tell you how my experience went.

Note: Please take into consideration that everyone’s head of hair varies and may get different results even when using the same products.

Background on my model, Dahlia:

My mom is allergic to many things; it can make it hard to find products that work for her. She has gray hairs scattered all around her head and her hair is about a 3C or 4A. Her length is a couple inches past her shoulders and curly. She wants to cover her grays and is looking forward to the red highlights that she will get with henna. My mom has a base color of black hair. With henna, she will get a red glow on her hair.

My mom can’t use the Rainwash due to her allergy to citric acid so we used a shampoo that worked best for her. We mixed 3 teaspoons of Malluma Kristalovino with 300 grams of Rarity Henna and distilled water. This was left at room temperature (68 to 72 degrees) for 8 to 12 hours. You can read more about preparing henna for your hair here:

We’re now ready to do some hair!

I part the hair in 4 sections and begin in the back.

There was leftover paste which we will use for root touch-ups in the future. We’ll freeze this for a later application.

The paste sat on my mom’s hair overnight for about 12 hours or so. Then we rinsed her hair and eased the remaining paste out with conditioner. Finally, we shampooed and conditioned her hair.

Here is her end result after 4 days of oxidation:

Using Rarity henna on gray hair covered nicely and gave off a shiny copper color on my mom’s hair.

*You can patch test your mix if you are worried you may be allergic to your fruit acid powder or juice. Look for an article covering patch testing in a future blog!

Damaris • Ancient Sunrise Specialist • LLC

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  1. You did your mom’s hair? Dang did she raise you right!
    Thanks for this post, I will have to look into this new henna.

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