Transitioning From Chemical Hair Dye to Natural Ancient Sunrise Henna Hair Dye


Even though hair dye from the salon or a box may be convenient there are downfalls. Not only can the chemical dyes be drying and cause hair damage some will irritate the skin and scalp. The reactions can be blisters and swelling on the scalp and face severe reactions may require medical attention.

It seems we are all allergic to something and chemical hair dye can be one of them. As I found out I too can not use chemical hair dye due to chemical sensitivity. The difference in the health of my hair before and after Ancient Sunrise henna hair dye is amazing.

Are you thinking of using Ancient Sunrise hair dye? You can use Henna hair color on all hair types, including chemically treated hair.

Check out for all kinds of Ancient Sunrise henna hair colors. Henna does not lighten hair.

It is important to read descriptions or call our customer service if you’re new to Ancient Sunrise. You can find customer service here.


My Hair and Health Before and After Henna Hair Dye


Chemically highlighted hair
All chemically dyed and highlighted hair not a strand of natural here!


 Chemical Sensitivity to Hair Dye

A lot of individuals use henna hair color to avoid chemicals and live a healthier lief style. I started feeling muscle aches in my neck and shoulders and feeling sick after using a chemical hair dye.

I had gray hair early and dyed it in my twenties. I also highlighted my hair for 10 years. I used chemical hair dye for 25 years. My hair just got too blonde and I wanted my natural medium brown color back.

I got reactions when I dyed my hair medium brown every 3 weeks using 2 boxes of dye. I did it for 4 months and my body reacted strongly to the chemicals. When it couldn’t take anymore, I had a serious reaction.

I had bad headaches for months and my neck and shoulder muscles were tight and painful. I also got tired easily. I was very uncomfortable and the symptoms affected my daily activities.

I sought help from my chiropractic doctor, who holds certification in Active Release Techniques®. Her immediate reaction during treatment was I was chemically toxic causing my muscles to be like rope.

This is the day I knew it was from the chemical medium brown hair dye. She agreed that the hair dye was making me ill. She suggested a weekly plan of ART®, acupuncture, and Thai massage to aid in detoxing.

My recovery was 3 months and I was no longer able to use chemical hair dye. However, I still wanted to cover my gray hair so I was looking for an alternative solution.


I Found the Best Henna for Hair Dye!

Ancient Sunrise all Natural henna


I was just not ready to go gray.  I saw hennaed hair that was bright red, but I knew I couldn’t look good with all red hair. Luckily my friend had beautiful hennaed hair and explained the use of indigo to get shades of brown. She worked for Ancient Sunrise and showed me the website.

I liked the Ancient Sunrise hair colors on the Mehandi website, so I started using all-natural hair dye.

Henna fades on damaged hair but repairs it with each use, lasting a few weeks. Once you repair the hair, the henna color will stay and not fade. The highlights may peak through between henna coloring giving your hair beautiful dimension.

My Henna Hair Dye Journey to 100% All Natural Henna

I used the to Ancient Sunrise’s medium brown gray kit when I started using all natural hair dye. I had incredible dimension of reds, coppers and reddish blonde as my highlighted hair grew out. It was actually a lot of fun and braiding the hair really showed off the beautiful colors.

Many good things were happening when I started to use henna hair dye. One my physical health got better with no more toxic muscle reaction and no asthma attack while dying with henna. My hair started to have incredible shine and strength. As my natural grays grew, the henna created reddish warm brown highlights in my medium brown hair.

I am very please with the results. Most people thought my hennaed hair was it’s natural color!

I am so grateful to have found an all natural henna hair dye by Ancient Sunrise. My hair is strong and shiny and the medium brown is perfect with the natural reddish highlights. Using all natural henna has not only given me beautiful hair, I feel healthier. Take a look at Ancient Sunrise Henna!

medium brown henna hair dye
A medium brown henna color on all natural 70% gray hair.

You can read this blog explaining how I have maintained my color over the years. .